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Sadhguru Tara Vishal Margadarshi
Sadhguru Tara Vishal Margadarshi
Product: Sadhguru Tara Vishal Margadarshi
Price: Rs. 200

మీరు 200/- కన్నా ఎక్కువ ఇవ్వదల్చుకుంటే దయచేసి డౌన్లోడ్ క్వాంటిటీ ని మీరు ఇవ్వదల్చుకున్న డబ్బుకి అనుగుణంగా పెంచండి.
ఉదాహరణకు : క్వాంటిటీ 2 = Rs.400 ; క్వాంటిటీ ౩ = Rs.600......

If you wish to buy more than one please enter multipes of no. near purchase
for example: Quantity 2 = Rs. 400, Quantity 3 = Rs. 600....

Play this Meditation Audio and start Meditating. You will feel as if Guruji is sitting right before you and helping you to meditate.

If Amara Guru Tara Vishal ji is your Guru then with Love, Faith and dedication; hand over your reins and surrender yourself completely to your Guru. Guruji’s divine energy… through his voice …will penetrate into your inner and very easily will remove all the negativity which separates you from your divinity. Your concentration will increase significantly. You can easily differentiate between the meditation done on your own without this audio and the meditation done by playing this audio - because by doing as said above you are accepting your Guru’s energy which will intensify your meditation and give you greater results very fast. Your negativity will be targeted directly. Your Karma Clearances will speed up. Each time you meditate this way, your soul develops greatly.
This is our (every MTV member's) personal experience.

We pray… for your forever awareness towards your Guru…!

We Pray… You all be blessed with your Divinity…!

Team MTV